Product Sheet Printing Services

Dave the Printer does Product Sheet Printing / Sell Sheet Printing!

A professional looking Product Sheet should be printed with a high quality digital printer or with an offset press. Dave the Printer offers both! Digital printing has improved over the years to the point that sometimes it is hard to tell offset from digital.


Digital printed Product or Sell Sheets are the way to go for short runs of a few hundred, offset printing is better priced on larger quantities. 

When compiling your marketing packet to mail out to current and prospective clients, or even better for a face to face meeting, including your Product sheet will assist in bringing exposure to your business as well as a reminder for future purchasing.


Great uses for Product / Sell Sheets

There are numerous opportunities to circulate your Product or Sell Sheets. 

  • Attending, participating or sponsoring a conference
  • Trade Shows
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Door-to-door distribution

The opportunities to hand out your Product Sheets are limitless!

    • Direct-mail marketing print business flyers for B2B marketing)
    • Include with bills and invoices mailed to existing customers
    • Insert Product sheets in packages you send to your customers
    • Pocket folders are perfect for placing Sell Sheets for single products or advertise multiple sheets for a presentation or other event.

Q&A about Product Sheets / Sell Sheets

How do I write and create my Sell Sheet?

Essentials for your Product Sheet include: Your logo and product name,

A catchy headline with an intro paragraph and a call to action. On the graphics side, High Resolution product photographs and visually stimulating graphics are great. Lastly, your contact info that is easily found.

What size sheet should I use for my Product sheet?

The most common size for Product sheets or Sell Sheets is 8.5” x 11”. They can also come as small as 4” x 6”  and as large as 11” x 17”. 

What kind of paper will look best?

In our opinion, a 100 lb gloss book or 100 lb gloss cover weight are perfect for your 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 Produce Sell Sheets. Dave can print these digitally or on an offset press which allows us to add an aqueous coating to really make your design stand out.  See more about Papers below.


What should I write when creating my Product Sheet?

Focus on your ideal buyer and appeal to the reader’s imagination. Entice buying with the telling of the benefits of your product or service as well as sizes or colors available. Cut through barriers with mini-stories and practical help.


Is a line sheet the same as a Product Sell Sheet?

A line sheet is a tool for product marketing and sales much like a Product Sheet or a Sell Sheet.. All three are similar in that they display information about your products or services. Line sheets are most commonly used in the garment industry and usually include multiple items on a single sheet or multipage sets. Do not use stock photos on your Product Sell Sheet. If possible, no matter what the product or services, use original photos produced by a professional photographer.

Product Sell sheets are more likely to capture someone’s attention if printed in full color. Don’t go wild, but incorporating a strong color photo and color headlines will help capture an audience.

In addition to the layout of your Product Sheets, you’ll want to write your content with your audience in mind. What can your product or service do for them? How will it make their life easier or improved?

Do your sales prospects buy on the spot?

 The majority of sales are made in the days and weeks following an exhibition, trade show or a sales call. Send your customers home with the information they’ll need to make the right decision by giving them a well-crafted Product sell sheet then follow up!

  • Include Product sell sheets as part of a sales kit to help seal the deal.
  • Distribute product sheets at trade shows and other events for prospects to review at their leisure.
  • Consider adding an aqueous coating or UV to your sell sheets to make them stand out from the other materials they may collect.
  • Product Sheet printing from Dave the Printer will help you stand out from the crowd!

More about Paper for your Sell Sheets or Product Sheets:

100 lb. Gloss Text

  • Standard glossy paper stock with a shiny finish that provides an excellent opaque base for rich process color printing.
  • The most popular stock for brochures, product sheets, flyers, posters, etc
  • Dave can add an Aqueous Coating to your printed piece to make it look great and to seal the ink in so it doesn’t rub off on your hands.

100 lb. Gloss Cover

  • Eye-catching and great for full color printing. 
  • Aqueous coating available.
  • Heavier than 100lb  gloss paper stock, also used for brochures, booklet covers, presentation folder, etc.



14pt Gloss Cover

  • Sturdy and versatile Coated stock.
  • Nice sheen to the paper for sharp, vibrant colors.
  • Ideal for Business Cards, Postcards, Sell sheets, Folders.
  • Okay to write on with better results coming from ball point pens.

70lb. Premium white text

  • Looking for something without the gloss look, this might be perfect!
  • Prints well and feels heavier than a plain sheet of paper.
  • Ideal for Letterhead, Sell sheets, inserts or flyers.
  • Okay to write on with a pen or pencil.
  • Very cost effective!


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