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Choosing a printing company  –  Tips to find the best printing company 

Choosing the best printing company for your business can make the difference both in the product you receive as well as the experience you have. When choosing a Printer, there are factors you need to take into consideration. It’s not always apples to apples when picking your printing company, so here are some important factors that you should look at when making your decision.

Printing Services by Dave the Printer
1) Never Buy Totally on Price
Because you get what you pay for. Cheap paper, poor quality, missed delivery times and not standing behind their product are the pitfalls of relying solely on price.Choose the best printer, Dave!
2) We Reprint at OUR COST!

If a reprint is required, even if it’s your fault, we reprint at our cost! Offering major discounts to save you money on reprints is something we know no other company is doing. We don’t make a fortune off of your misfortune!

3) Guaranteed Work
Does the owner (if you ever find out who that is) guarantee their work? Dave and Matt do. And you can even get their cell phone number!
4) Return Calls and Emails
Phone calls and emails to a printer need to be returned quickly, like at Dave’s.
5) Clean, Organized and Professional
Take a tour of their shop. Is it clean, organized, professional, and up to date? If not, then chances are your order will not be any of those things either.
6) Pick-Up and Delivery
Can they print digitally and offset? Dave does, and this ensures the best pricing and quality per project specifications.
7) Technology in Place to Receive Your Files
Ensure they have the technology to receive your larger graphics and image files quickly and easily. At Dave’s we have a DropBox account setup and ready to receive your files and will assist you if needed. Or we have our own secure FTP site at as well.
8) Here Today and Gone Tomorrow
How long have they been in business? Here today and gone tomorrow – just hope your job is not in their shop, or you need to reorder, when it’s “tomorrow”.
Printing Services and Delivery by Dave the Printer

Fast Return on Estimates, Eye-Catching Graphic Design, Offset Printing Services, Digital Printing Services, Sign Printing, and Large Format Printing are Just a Few of the Reasons to Use the Best Printer, Dave the Printer!