About DAVE

We are a local, family owned print shop doing business in the Dallas Design District since 1973. Our printing services company started in a location off of 183 and Mockingbird Lane as a franchise operation it’s first year in business. Dave drove to Oklahoma City to buy his first printing press, an AB Dick (seen below), and drove back in an open bed pickup truck. It rained the entire 4 hour drive back to Dallas and Dave thought he might be out of business before he printed his first item! But alas, that press ran and we still have it on our printing shop floor today.

Times were tough when he first started and Dave quickly moved away from the franchise model to open Dave the Printer in 1974 up the street at I-35 and Mockingbird Lane. Due to Dave’s ability to produce amazing printed products at a great price and quick turn times he quickly adopted the slogan “Quick! Name a good printer!” That slogan was our printing service calling card for nearly 20 years when Dave (always the creative one) wanted to have a photo of him bending over backwards for the side of our delivery truck with the words “Can your printer do this?” Our printing service customers loved it and coin the phrase “Bend Over Backwards Service” to which we still use today.

Dave Ramsey officially retired from Dave the Printer in 2014 and his oldest son, Matt Ramsey, is now the President/Owner. He continues to come to the office regularly and is active on major company decisions.


Next time you need something printed – CALL DAVE! Because what other printer can provide bend-over-backwards printing services?