Die Cutting Services

Dave the Printer offers die cutting services for any project for a unique look that stands out from the rest. Use die cutting for invitations, business cards, announcements and more to add extra style to your finished product.

die cut sample

Advantages of Die Cutting

Consistency. All the shapes cut will be exactly the same as they are based on the shape of the die.
Speed: Die cutting is really fast once the dies are made and your printing project is done quickly and accurately.
Reduced Waste: Die cutting creates less amount of waste than other cutting methods as it is a precise process using the least amount of waste of paper.

What are some examples of die cutting?

A great example of die cutting is a Door Hanger. A door hanger must have a hole or hook cut into it so it can hang from a doorknob or in your car off of your rear view mirror. Another great example of a die cut item is A mailing (window) envelope. Envelopes often have a die-cut window so that an address or information printed on its contents remains visible once the envelope is sealed.

How is die cutting done?

You create a simple sandwich between plates and put the die in with the sharp edge face down on the material. Then you wind the handle and the pressure is applied across the whole die, cutting through the card or paper as it passes through

How much does a die cost?

Each die-cut shape requires a custom cutting die or blade. Dies usually cost between $100 to $500, depending on size and complexity, and take several days to a week to make.

Can you cut shapes without a die cutting machine?

You are able to use die cuts without a machine and the aid of any difficult mechanics. However, there is no doubt that having to make and use die cuts manually will take up significantly more time than would be needed with a die cutting machine.

Can you die cut labels into shapes?

Yes! Die cutting is the process by which custom labels get their shape. Whether you want your products’ labels to have a simple rectangular or oval shape, round corners, or to have a more exciting form, a metal cut into shape them “die” during production.

How much does a  Die Cut printed item cost?

The best answer for this question is to send us a quote request or give us a call at 214-630-4017. We will get all the specs for your print order and put together a written estimate.

Ship, deliver or pick up? 

Absolutely! We can ship your order to you, have it delivered locally or you can come into our Dallas Design district office, meet our staff and pick up your print order!

Dave the Printer is a Local Dallas printing company that can handle any and all of your printing needs. Whether you need short run custom printing, 10,000 marketing postcards, or 100,000 letters printed and mailed we offer exceptional color print quality in a digital print, offset or thermography, with a fast turnaround and a Live person to help you along the way!

You can send Dave a print-ready file online, or via email and we will print the order on the paper you choose, or you can also come in for a consultation and speak with our staff to create the perfect piece to showcase your message or upcoming event.

  • Thermography printing (Raised Ink Printing)
  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Printing in a Variety of Standard and Custom Sizes to Fit Your Preferences
  • Print Service Completion With a Quick Turnaround Time
  • Mailing Services


  • Various Shipping Options if Needed
  • Print Capabilities in Full Color, Single pms Color or 2 Spot Colors From Your File or Our Created Art File
  • Help Choosing the Right Paper Weight, Style, and Thickness
  • Correct Artwork Set Up for Optimum Print Quality
  • Flexibility in Run Sizes as well as Discounts for Larger Runs

What is the Dave difference?

As a family owned business, Dave the Printer has been bending over backwards for over 50 years to make sure the best printed projects are just the way you envisioned. We will not leave you waiting, we understand that time is money. Our team at Dave’s would be happy to meet you in person at our office in the Dallas Design District, call us at 214-630-4017, or you can simply email us at service@davetheprinter.com. When your printing project is complete we will contact you to arrange pickup, delivery or shipping. When you need a “printer near me” Remember Dave the Printer is just a click or phone call away!

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