Paper Folding in Dallas Services

Folding is a procedure that is commonly done after printing and cutting. Since folding is one of the final steps in producing a high quality finished product it is an extremely important step. Paper folding  is achieved using speciality equipment called folders, which folds the material either off-line or in-line, depending on the production plan and printing equipment being used. Folding is usually done to create booklets, magazines, catalogs, newspaper inserts, brochures, invitations and even some business cards are folded.

visual folding guide include tri folding and bi folding
Tri Fold Brochure Example

How do I create my tri-fold brochure or print item?

Panel dimensions, paper weight, size and layout specifications are among several considerations when designing your folded piece. Example: It is a common mistake to lay out a tri-fold brochure as three same sized panels. The panels actually need to be slightly different sizes because you lose a small amount with each fold. If  the artwork is not set up correctly it can cause imagery and copy to be off-center in the panels when not taken into account.  We have resources to help you understand paper folding and print layout. Ask one of our helpful staff to send you a template for your layout and it will happen.

large sheet folder

Does it make a difference for paper folding if my printing is done digitally or offset printed?

table top folder

The answer is yes. Digitally printed items tend to also want to crack when folded but Offset can as well but not  nearly as often. Scoring the sheet (making indentions in the paper) before folding can help a lot!

Scoring before folding

Thicker papers and cover stocks can be factors in the width of your panels and can make folding difficult. If you are folding paper that is thicker than a 65lb cover, you could end up having to create a score or spine that would need to be done before the folds. The heavier the cover stock the more difficult the folding process can be. Some heavy cover stocks will need to be sent out for a dieline score and hand folded. As always, check with our print specialist and let them provide you with the proper info to make your printing perfect!


Finishing & Bindery Services Available

Do you have a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure? Our print experts can help you with scoring, folding, inserting, and a host of other finishing and bindery options to help get your print project delivered with a great look, and on time.

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