Booklet Printing

Booklets represent one of the most common types of printed collateral used by businesses of all types.


You need a professional booklet printing service that accurately and attractively conveys the integrity of your organization. Whether you need 4, 8, 12, or 20+-page booklets, turn to Dave the Printer for your custom booklet printing services!

As a versatile marketing and promotional tool, a custom booklet provides crucial information for your audience. Booklet printing encompasses anything from a common booklet size of 8-page 5.5 x 8.5 cheap booklet printing, 8.5 x 11 multi-page full-color manuals, or custom sizes like 6 x 9 or 9 x 12. High-quality presentation booklet printing allows you to get your message across in a convenient and easy-to-use format.

Booklet Printing Options Offered by Dave the Printer
Dave the Printer Brochure Printing for Hargrove Electric

Dave the Printer is a local booklet printing company that handles any and all of your printing needs. Whether you need short-run custom booklet printing or 168-page catalogs, we offer exceptional color print quality, binding options, and a fast turnaround. You will also work with a live person to help you along the way!

Send Dave a print-ready file online, or via email for quick, seamless delivery. Our professionals print the booklet according to your specifications. We can also schedule you for a consultation to speak with our staff and create the perfect booklet to showcase your message.

Dave’s Booklet Printing Services Include:

  • A variety of booklet printing sizes to fit your preferences.
  • Quick turnaround time for printing
  • Providing Saddle Stitch binding, Spiral Coil booklets, Spiral Wire binding, and Perfect binding.
  • Help you choose from a large selection of weight, style, and color of paper.
  • Print services in one color, two-colors, full color, or black and white. Digital printing, as well as offset printing, are available.
  • A graphic design team to set up the pages in the correct print order so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Flexibility in run sizes as well as discounts for larger runs.
Booklets Are Great for Many Uses

Learn More About Binding Options for Your Custom Booklet

Saddle Stitched Booklet Printing Examples

Saddle Stitched Booklet Printing

Saddle-stitched booklets are a common and economical method of booklet binding. Saddle stitching completes your booklet, binding it together by two staples in the fold. Dave professionals print your pages and prep them by folding them in half. Then, we gather the sheets together and staple them in the spine of the fold.

How to Get a Booklet Printed

Each sheet printed represents 4 reading pages so saddle stitched booklets must come in page counts divisible by 4. Blank pages are also included in the page count. Because each sheet printed represents 4 reading pages, saddle stitched books come in 8-pager, 12-pager, 16-pager, and so on. Saddle-stitched booklets can be a digital print job or offset printed booklet.  This depends on the number of pages and the quantity to be produced. Once we print and saddle-stitch your custom booklet, we can deliver it locally, ship it, or schedule you for a pick up.

Coil Binding and Wire Binding

Spiral plastic coil binding and Wire binding allow your finished booklet to easily open in a way that it lies flat. Both wire and coil binding options provide a cost-effective option for a clean professional look. First, a row of holes is punched through your booklet on the binding edge. Then, our printers insert either a colored plastic spiral coil or a wire binding through the holes to hold the printed sheets together. We then add Custom printed covers and/or Clear plastic covers to protect your document and showcase the quality of your booklet. Once printed and bound, your booklets are ready to go!

Coil Binding Booklet Printing Examples
Professional Booklets Offered by Dave the Printer

Perfectly Bound Booklet Printing

Perfect Binding or softcover books form when book pages are glued together at the spine. The cover is usually made from a thicker card stock and coated to protect the book. The name “perfect” binding comes from the cut of the pages. All pages, including the cover, are printed oversized and then cut to be the same (finished) size. Therefore, each page lines up “perfectly”. Perfect bound books have a wide variety of purposes and we have seen them used for catalogs, magazines, portfolios, graphic novels, workbooks, and more. Perfect bound books typically include between 36 pages and 500 pages! Once your booklet is printed and Perfect bound, your booklets can be picked up, shipped, or delivered locally.

What Makes Dave So Unique?

As a family-owned business, Dave the Printer has been bending over backward for over 40 years to make sure the best booklet printing projects are just the way you envisioned. We will not leave you waiting, we understand that time is money. Our team at Dave’s love to meet you in person at our office in the Design District, or simply email us Print-ready files to When your custom booklet printing project is ready, we deliver locally, ship worldwide, and offer pick up at our convenient Dallas location. When you need booklet printing near me …think of Dave the Printer.