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Let us create a lasting impression on your customers with Indoor or Outdoor Custom Banner Printing at Dave The Printer. Let’s face it… marketing to your target audience in Dallas or anywhere is fierce! An exquisitely-printed banner is one of the most powerful visual marketing tools in the industry for your company’s brand awareness.

Banner Printing is one of Our Many Printing Services at Dave the Printer

Do you know which type of Banner will maximize your brand exposure? Call us and let us offer our 40+ years of advice and printing services to ensure you get the correct banner for your company’s needs:

  • Custom Fabric Banners
  • Custom Mesh Banners
  • Custom Vinyl Banners
  • Custom Paper Banners
  • Indoor Banners
  • Outdoor Banners
  • Vertical or Stand Up Banners
  • Banner Options
  • Custom Fabric Banners

Custom Fabric Banners

A professionally printed fabric banner is one of the most reliable marketing tools in the industry. Fabric banners provide a chic and elegant way to advertise a sale, decorate for a special event, or promote your brand. Typically, fabric banners are up to 9.5’ x 100’, made from soft matte fabric, and seamless, allowing you to customize the size you need for any application. Fabric banners are crafted from 9 oz. polyester because polyester offers a light sheen that enhances the dye-sublimated print design with minimal light reflection.

Custom Mesh Banners

This vinyl banner is crafted from interwoven fibers in a mesh pattern, which provides the perfect material to withstand wind. Keep in mind that the “holes” from the interwoven fibers that allow the wind to blow through the banner will also affect how the images will appear on the banner. These types of vinyl banners withstand the outdoor environment and are frequently used to display information at construction sites, fence wraps for sporting fields and/or green spaces, and for various outdoor applications.

Custom Vinyl Banners

These are rugged custom banners that perform well for sporting events, storefronts, point-of-purchase displays, school events, trade shows, grand openings, company events, and conferences. These banners are highly cost-effective way to market and promote your business whether the event is indoors or outdoors. Vinyl banners are created using a heavy weight vinyl, technically known as PVC, and the weights of these banners range from 9 ounces to 22 ounces per square yard. To assist in hanging the vinyl banners we can add grommets, hems, or pole pockets customized to your specific needs. Remember to keep your message simple, short, and readable within 5 seconds because that’s about all the time you have to grab the attention of your target audience.

Custom Paper Banners

We provide paper banner printing services in Dallas that include custom paper banners, research posters, retail and commercial paper banners, tradeshow graphics, and many more. Whether you are planning a grand opening, office holiday party or a promotional flash sale, our customized paper banners can be designed to make a statement at any affair. You want to ensure that your paper banner will draw attention from your target audience. You can be sure of this by using a mix of photos, text, or illustrations. The perspective and design of your paper banner is as important as the message being delivered because creating eye candy for your target audience is just one way for a paper banner to capture your audience. Our high quality paper banner graphic output and finishing services will make your company’s brand stand out from the crowd.

Custom Indoor Banners

A custom made indoor banner is the perfect way to get the word out about your business or to promote your next event. These banners are great for indoor events, retail promotions, parties and classrooms. Captivate your audience while adding value to your events at an affordable price. Plus you can reuse your indoor banner multiple times while showcasing a unique design that meets your advertising needs. An indoor banner can deliver messages to your target audience in creative, fun, noticeable and effective way that will make a lasting impression of your business right away. Remember to keep the lingo brief and straight to the point!

Custom Outdoor Banners

Proudly market your business with an outdoor banner printed by Dave the Printer. Grab customers’ attention quickly before they get distracted and move on to the next advertisement with an outdoor banner. By strategically placing an outdoor banner advertising the services your business offers near your store allows you to catch and sustain people’s interest. Outdoor banners direct customers to your business without the typically high advertising costs. Taking the time to design and print an outdoor banner provides a one-off job that you can use over and over again, for years to come.

Custom Vertical & Stand Up Banners

First impressions are everything when it comes to your business and a vertical custom banner is a great way to create that one-of-a-kind first impression. Whether you are promoting your business at a conference, trade show, having a storefront sale, a free-standing banner is the perfect tool for your message. Popular printed messages include ads, signs, birthday, Christmas and welcome messages. Vertical banners can be displayed various ways with different types of stands. When a vertical banner is displayed with a stand they are also known as pull-up or pop-up banners, retractable banners, or collapsible banners. They can also be suspended from walls, ceilings and mountings, that can be showcased as a hanging vertical banner, overhead, for maximum visibility, where necessary.


Whatever message you’re business is promoting, let Dave the Printer help you spread the word with a custom printed banner.

Dave the Printer has Completed Banner Printing for Many Prominent Dallas, TX Customers
We Complete all Types of Custom Banner Printing Services

Banner Materials Offered

  • 13oz Scrim Vinyl
  • 8oz Mesh Banner
  • 10mil Premium Vinyl
  • 15oz Blackout Vinyls

Banner Sizes

  • Standard and Custom Sizes Available
  • Run Sizes Ranging From 1 – 150
  • Available with Grommets, Hems, and Pole Pockets
  • Single-Sided Full-Color Printing

Suggested Uses for Banners

  • Trade Shows
  • Billboards
  • Conferences
  • Sporting Events
  • Interior Buildings
  • Adhesive Banners
  • Advertising Banners
  • Backdrop Banners
  • Birthday Banners
  • Church Banners
  • Double-Sided Banners
  • Fabric Banners
  • Flag Banners
  • Event Banners
  • Graduation Banners
  • Mesh Banners
  • Outdoor Banners
  • Pull-Up Banners
  • Retractable Banners
  • School Banners
  • Trade Show Banners
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Wedding Banners
  • Paper Party Banners

If you are creating your Banner file we suggest determining the distance from where the banner will be displayed to the viewing audience. If your target audience is going to be 20 feet away, we suggest using lettering that is at least 2” tall. A good rule of thumb for letter height is 1” for every 10’ of distance. Make you message fit your needs. You man need to shorten the message to make it fit, or you can always enlarge the typography to fill the space of your banner. We also suggest using bright, bold colors with high contrast. Doing so will increase readability.

Dave the Printer works hard!

Dave the Printer works hard to make it convenient for businesses to order and receive their Indoor/Outdoor banners. We understand that time is money and we don’t like to leave you waiting. Print-ready files can be sent to our team via email or you can always stop into our Dallas location in the Design District. Once, your Indoor/Outdoor Banner is printed, they can be picked up or delivered locally, or shipped worldwide.
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